01 Positive Alien - Extraterrestrial

Dear friends and supporters –

The earthly location of metro pcs is ending. We deeply thank you for your support over the past three years of exhibitions and projects.

We especially thank the artists who made the decision to work with us in our rhombus-shaped, static-laminate floored, ex-consulate storefront. It has been an amazing experience, and wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved, artists and viewers.

On Sunday, September 4, please join us for a party from 7 to 10 PM. There will be drinks and fireworks.

On Monday, September 5, metro pcs will be blasted into outer space.

This very last exhibition will be a transmission into the vacuum of the galaxy, to exist for an eternity and to be uncovered by future interstellar travelers or alien civilizations. We have asked all artists who have participated to contribute an image and/or 100 words for our transmission. The show will beam at the speed of light on the Monday after our closing, sent “to 4 separate sectors of space to ensure the widest possible coverage” through the intergalactic eBlaster talktoETs.com. It will remain on the metro pcs website for as long it can be maintained.

You will hear from us next Monday, when the exhibition will go live and we will be floating in outer space.

Ian & Matt

Artists and who have exhibited and worked with metro pcs:

Fiona Connor
Alika Cooper
Bertrand Dezoteux
Travis Diehl
Stan Douglas
Genghis Khan Fabrication Co.
The Ghost of Robert Ashley
The Ghost of Marjorie Keller
Rochele Gomez
Meghan Gordon
Merideth Hillbrand
Amy Howden-Chapman
John Houck
Whitney Hubbs
Daniel Ingroff
Ian James
Jimmy (the guy who lives in the bushes)
Andy Kincaid
Steve Kado & Keith Rocka Knittel
Julia Kouneski
Tarrah Krajnak
Nick Kramer
Emily Jane Kuntz
Julia Leonard
Candice Lin
Seth Lower
Hailey Loman
Daniel Malone
Josh Mannis
Anna Mayer
Meghann McCrory
Simone Montemurno
Devon Oder
Michala Paludan
Paul Pescador
Ali Prosch
Mark Rodriguez
Rasmus Røhling
Guan Rong
Katie Shapiro
Matt Siegle
Asha Schechter
LeRoy Stevens
Thanh Vi
Brica Wilcox


metro pcs is an artist run project space in Chinatown, Los Angeles
422 Ord Street, 2nd floor
Stairway entrance on Hill Street
Open Sat 12 – 6, or by appointment

[email protected]

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