1. Genghis Khan Fabrication Co.

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    7/25 – 8/31/13



    Genghis Khan Fabrication Co. ( is a Silicon Valley-based feral corporate entity and trademarked brand name. Production includes the creation of Art works, interventions of its own design, and the prototyping of new technologies. GKF Co. was founded in 2010 as a decolonial intervention, best understood as a mutation of the theories put forth by Madina V. Tlostanova (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia) and Walter D. Mignolo (Duke University) in their paper “Global Coloniality and the Decolonial Option.” This decolonial option leads “any investigation through the scholar, intellectual or researcher, into the world, rather than keeping him or her within the discipline.” GKF Co. mutates this by replacing the concern for ethics with a concern for pragmatism, resulting in the collision of Fine Art Production and defense contracting.

    In cooperation with metro pcs in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, Genghis Khan Fabrication Co. will exhibit examples of its current material output. Objects for consideration may include a laser cut/laser engraved steel tube structure archiving Amerindian languages in syllabary form, rough hewn chunks of CNC-machined engineering plastics (Nylatron, Hpvdf Kynar, Delrin), and a prototype surveillance drone designed to follow police vehicles. The exhibition will function to advertise the services of GKF Co., particularly discount fabrication and technical consultation for those who engage the colonial matrix of power, and the R&D of anything else aligned with the ever-evolving GKF Co. corporate mission.