Eternal Om

Bertrand Dezoteux, John Houck, Tarrah Krajnak, Seth Lower, Katie Shapiro, Asha Schechter

ꀚ Within the sealed container of our perceptive reality, we breathe in a chemical-laden stimulant fluid packed full of images and objects in four-dimensional space. We ignore most, while others set off emotive triggers that endlessly scroll upon our internal projection screen.

 We make our own images. They serve as tools for memory and shape the perceptions of who we thought we once were. Photographs produce an internal effect akin to gravitational time dilation. Our memories bend around the apparent concreteness of the picture plane. We paste these manipulated memories together in a scattered timeline, with only our subjectivity left to verify the authenticity of our beliefs.

 The growing datasphere exposes us to a limitless information stream. Our internal processing cores take in evermore images while the cores themselves slowly dematerialize, the contents transferring from this worldly physical network to the fully artificial. We stammer to maintain a perceived sense of autonomy the whole waythrough.

 Here in the networked datumplane, we continue to evolve our attitudinal and behavioral models based on the simulation we experience. New stimuli we encounter are accepted or rejected and the result is used to authenticate our model. Photographs exist as symbolic assemblies manufactured by a content generator. Images become a demonstration of a possible model’s acceptability, and a tool to encourage other personae within the TechnoCore to accept the producer’s model. The infinitesimally quiet hum of electrons in quantum state guide the all-thing rhythm of the mantra we repeat.

 The works in Eternal Om regard memory displacement, the corruption of static objects, the destabilizing ripple effects of history, and the dematerialization of the body within the network of information. Eternal OM is a meditational cassette and CD produced by Dick Sutphen & Robert Slap ©1991.


Eternal Om
Bertrand Dezoteux, John Houck, Tarrah Krajnak, Seth Lower, Katie Shapiro, Asha Schechter
Organized by Ian James
April 17 – May 24, 2014
Opening Reception Thursday April 17, 7-10 PM




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