metro pcs is pleased to host Pineapple in a Stocking, a series of performances during the month of October. Each of the four artists will have weeklong residencies in the gallery and may use it as they determine. The performers in Pineapple In a Stocking occupy spectral ends of this difficult-to-categorize medium.



Paul Pescador_Violet_pineapple in a stocking_metro pcs

Paul Pescador / Week 1


Performance Friday Oct 9th, 8pm

Pescador will perform a set of exchanges between himself and dummies through short skits about daily interactions and conflict. Shifting between exaggerated body movements as well as choreographed dance, he treats these mannequins as partners and props. Accompanying this performance will be a set of projections, including a video he made as an undergraduate student, in which he attempted to have a sexual encounter with a dummy. In this video, he lays in bed trying to kiss this papier-mache body as its wig constantly falls off, while he undresses and attempts to penetrate the dummy with the aid of safety scissors.



Amy Howden-Chapman_Sad Problem_pineapple in a stocking_metro pcs

Amy Howden-Chapman / Week 2

Sad Problem #18, #19, #20, #21

Sound by Steve Kado

Performance Thursday Oct 15th, 8pm

What you are about to see is sad problem #18—falling trees. What you are about to see is sad problem #19—light without leaves. What you are about to see is sad problem #20—the most toxic pond in Europe. What you about to see is sad problem #21—fogged film, you can expect to see faint splotches, foggy splotches, you can expect that how to buy levitra online it will be difficult to make out what the image behind the splotches was supposed to be.

Here you see corn husks contaminated with the radioactive isotope iodine-13.



Julia Kouneski_It__pineapple in a stocking_metro pcs

Julia Kouneski / Week 3


Thursday Oct 22nd, beginning 6:30pm

One hour durational performance

“And so I decided that tag could be way more subtle than it was ever played in grade school. Like if I say ‘tag,’ I just hit your eardrums. And you’re it. Or if I write ‘tag’ on a piece of paper and I hold it up and you read it, I just hit the back of your eyeballs. And you’re it.”



Matt Siegle_Cowboy Poems_pineapple in a stocking_metro pcs

Matt Siegle / Week 4

Cowboy Poems

Performance by appointment Oct 27 – Nov 1, 9 AM – 1 PM
Please email [email protected]om with preferred date and time

This performance is sponsored by Gimme! Coffee



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