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March 24 – May 7, 2016















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A Tribute to Mother Earth

Your boss. Your spouse. Your friends. You’ve noticed the craziness of how people are acting. It’s as though reality has taken a hit, and not for the better.

Our panel of award winning psychics and healers will tell you what is happening in the Universe, and what you can do about it. Your questions will be answered by the panel.

You don’t have to be afraid.

Find out what can be done to change this vibration for good. A prize raffle of great tools will happen at the end of the panel.

David Wilcock

The Future of Humanity

In a thousand years, what will be the fate and destiny of humanity? Will there still be a human presence on Earth? Or will we have destroyed the small bandwidth that makes human life possible. Or will we have evolved into more conscious beings, living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Will we have free energy, sustainable food, easy interplanetary travel or even time travel? Or will we have been the cause of our own destruction? What must we do to created the best possible future for all living beings to exist in harmony and grow and evolve?

Let’s envision a future embedded with wholeness and possibility. The time for transformation is at hand.

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Understanding the Alien Presence

Myth Breaker, Higher-Self Rendezvous brings to light the unseen Alien presence on Earth. HSR will expose invisible Alien technology which directly interfaces with our mind, body, and dream world.

Gain clarity on the alien agenda and their use of Stargates, Portals, Vortexes and Ley Lines. Aliens inhabit both Interdimensional and Interplanetary space. Gain an understanding of how Aliens manipulate Timelines and earth’s electromagnetic energy grids.

Become aware of the Invisible Alien Technology which has been attached to people including: Robotic devices retrofit with remote controlled Alien software, Mind Control, Implants, and more. The workshop will also include information on stealth Alien lifeforms, Shadow Bodies and Shape Shifters.

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The Cosmic Labyrinth

Labyrinths have been in use for over 4000 years to create a Portal between the spiritual and the physical world. They are magical, geometric forms that define sacred space as a doorway to healing and transformation. This multidimensional experience with sound healing, mantras, and live spiritual music will induce you into a receptive state of consciousness, opening you to a high vibrational frequency, allowing your Angels and Spirit guides to answer your questions.

The Cosmic Labyrinth is a sacred and powerful experience that helps us open our hearts and feel a great sense of Oneness. When we raise our vibration, everything shifts and the impossible becomes possible.

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Abductions, Implants, Cloning & Timelines

Uncover why Aliens are using future technologies on us from the year 2525 and beyond.

Experience the release of Alien energies including:

  • Black Mist Fog
  • Gray Goo
  • 2525AD Blue Death Ray.

Learn about Alien Timeline body overlays and how to have them released.

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Learn Remote Viewing CIA Style

Develop your own sense of “timeless awareness” to see anywhere, outside time and space.

Respected physicist/ESP researcher Higher-Self Rendezvous will convey his years of experience in training psychic spies for the CIA and demonstrate how you can do it too.

HSR will lead you in an actual remote viewing, proving that everyone, even you, has psychic ability.

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Consciousness and the Holographic Mind

A new model of self-awareness and consciousness is emerging through some of the leading innovations in advanced physics and biophysics.

Describing consciousness as a field of information which permeates all things, this model correlates brain and microcellular structures of cells acting as antennae and transceiver to both receive and transmit information into and from this primary field.

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Join our Panel of Ascension experts as they share their experiential knowledge of the Ascension process in practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life.

  • How to start living in the 5D Earth
  • The scientific technology of transfiguration
  • Accessing the quantum field
  • The role crystal light plays
  • How to activate the Merkaba Light Body

Step into the sacred space of spiritual enlightenment as the Panel awakens hidden knowledge, activates ancient codes, and charges your energy field with www.buy-trusted-tablets.com Light Consciousness. Accelerate your personal evolution and Ascension at the speed of Light!

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Sacred Geometry/ Patterns of Creation

In this vast multi-dimensional Universe there is a mathematical pattern that repeats itself in countless ways. Seeing and understanding this takes one to a place of knowing that there is a Divine Intelligence working behind and through all manifest reality.

Join us on an aesthetically beautiful PowerPoint adventure where we learn how to use these insights as a stepping stone into being with the “Oneness of Creation.” Come on this journey from the infinitesimal microscopic to the vast macrocosmic nature of creation.

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